Artist Statement

Vemo Hang is an artist lives and works in Berlin and Zürich. Her diverse, playful and paintery artistic practice is driven by an inquiry about our relationship with the surrounding spaces.

She was born in 1991 in Shanghai, lived afterwards in Japan, the U.S., Germany and Switzerland. Her art is deeply influenced by her experience of extensive traveling, at the moment consisting of site and room-specific installations and paintings about Shanshui/lanscapes. The works inquire not only our common spatial notions but also those about shifting spaces, space as potentiality, movement-created, continual, heterotopic spaces and at last simply about our experience and perception formed through a place.

From 2017, Vemo began to work intensively with the concept of playing inventively the Go/ Weiqi game in various interior spaces. Creaing painted sculptures 30 times larger than the original game pieces, she use her painted Goes, together with marking in rooms with coloured tape and process-oriented mural drawings, to explore the invisible, relational, effectual and potential spaces at given sites. On the other hand, contemplations on the notion of landscape also began to emerge and become central to Vemo’s artistic practice.

For Vemo, a space becomes a landscape at the presence of a witness, an “I”. A change between two possible positions of “I”, one that spectates and the other surrendered to the effects of experience, is both a negotiation of distance and a movement as much of the body and of our knowing (better is the german word Erkennen). “What moves the body returns as a movement of thought,” as it is said by Erin Manning. Vemo Hang’s work is eventually an act, which stretches a space into a potential, a potential into entrances, and those entrances invite movements that search for new equilibriums.