Born in Shanghai, 1991
Vemo today lives and works in Berlin. Travel and intercultural exchanges are the basis of Vemo’s artistic research, and of her interest on our relationship with the surrounding spatial environments.

Artist statement

Bridging the Unbridgeable

My work is much about places, about the ways through which one could relate to, move through and comprehend the spatial aspect of our very travelable and seemingly smaller world. The travelability and mobility of our time intensifies the contact, exchange and comparison between drastically different places and human conditions. As an artist, I am at the same time puzzled and intrigued by such a phenomenon. Through my work, I explore various ways to arrange and juxtapose different abstract visual elements, imageries of places and landscapes against one another. Through such a play, I am interested in exploring the gap between forms and, through reversing something certain, to reach an open form that is rich in potentiality. 

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