Vemo Hang is a visual artist currently based in Berlin.

Vemo was born in Shanghai, China in 1991, received her B.F.A from MICA in the U.S. and received her M.F.A from Zhdk in Switzerland.

Artist Statement:

Vemo Hang, born in Shanghai in 1991, is a multi-media artist based in Berlin. Her artistic trajectory is greatly influenced by a migratory and transcultural upbringing China, Japan, and the United States. Her art practice mainly explores our relationship with the complexities of contemporary environments. More specifically, Hang enquires through her art making the potential of our creative agency in relation to our socially and culturally conditioned perception of realities and engagement with environments.

Hang's latest painterly sculptures encapsulate her experiments with formal compositions that activate intricate spatial conditions that traverse the two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes. Hang consistently works to embody and express an atmosphere that translates mental searching after the potential, the unseen, and the futuristically curious.

Over the years, Hang also extensively explored the act of “landscape creation” through her art as a metaphorical and mental gesture to understand our relationship to the increasingly multi-layered, intricate, and rapidly changing world. Her work reflects fundamentally on the paradox that while the advancing technologies of the internet world, media and physical infrastructures significantly increase the contact points between drastically different cultures, ideas and societies, it seems to facilitate a network of co-existing but mutually exclusive realities and environments. Through her making of paintings, sculptures, installations and lately, virtual arts,  Hang is interested in exploring a broader sense of embracing potential spaces where the human faculties, both the physical and mental, may self-reinvent and unfold.



Fragmented World and Earth as Sancturary, Sep.2021

Vemo Hang – Im Seidenschatten von Nathanaël R. Bartholomäus (2020.DE/ENG)